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Integrated Risk Management

oneSafe is an integrated risk management and regulator compliance system designed to enable organisations to systematically manage risks associated with operations and production. Demands on organisations for improved safety and compliance with relevant legislation, regulation and standards have never been greater.

Data from all incidents, occurrences and audits can be aggregated and analysed to give a holistic view of the organisations Safety and Quality Management System, enabling strategic business decisions to be taken that will have a dramatic positive effect on the bottom line.

With oneSafe, a whole range of safety and quality audit data can be recorded, incident and accident data captured, investigations can be coordinated, results analysed and findings communicated to the relevant personal.

The oneSafe integrated risk management solution is perfect for organisations seeking the costs benefits achievable by integrating a system that goes beyond the basic requirements of ICAO and IOSA.

The Seven Step oneSafe Process

1. Establish the compliance/risk context of the organisation

2. Review current status of compliance/risk management activities within the organisation

3. oneSafe proposal presented to and endorsed by executive management

4. Definition and documentation of customised oneSafe solution

5. Train and develop client organisation staff

6. Implementation stage

7. Review and improve

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