Safety Management System

ICAO Definition

A Safety Management System (SMS) is an organised approach to to managing safety,including the necessary organiational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures.

UK Civil Aviation Authority Definition

Safety Management is defined as the systematic management of the risks associated with flight operations, related ground operations and aircraft engineering or maintenance activities to achieve high levels of safety performance.

Significance of Safety Management Systems

The introduction of a Safety Management System (SMS) is an integral part of managing Safety within a business wholistcally. 

oneSafe can design your SMS to meet any legislative requirements including AS4801, WHS Legislation and any other Safety Management Legislation.  The SMS must be designed around the nature (size, scope and complexity) of the activities your company embarks on. Your SMS must have appropriate internal quality assurance procedures to monitor, review, assess and continuously improve your SMS and also you safety performance within this system.

oneSafe has a team of safety system specialists that can assist your organisation to develop an SMS which is “tailor-made” to suit your operations. Apart from gaining the necessary approvals, the most important aspect of developing an effective SMS is that it will improve the overall efficiencies and safety of your operations.

oneSafe can assist in all aspects of SMS development and implementation – from design through to documentation development and training of your staff or contractors.


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